Friday, May 24, 2013

White Rainbow - Prism Of Eternal Now

White Rainbow - Prism Of Eternal Now (Kranky, krank110, 2007) (FLAC)

An amazing disc from a stellar label.  See him live if ever you get the chance.

Boomkat:  Not one to do anything in half measures, Adam Forkner's previous release was a four-and-a-half-hour boxset, so the comparative brevity of this seventy minute set comes as something of a surprise, and perhaps even a relief. That's not to say that the bewitching hippie soundscapes Forkner produces aren't worth getting lost in, but there must surely come a point at which less really does become more. The durations of the various pieces that comprise "Prism Of Eternal Now" seem pretty spot on, giving you just enough time to luxuriate in White Rainbow's beatific dronescapes without having to worry about any sort of stagnation. To give you an idea of Forkner's background, it's worth pointing out that he co-runs a Portland, Oregan based CD-R label (that's right, he's one of those guys) with fellow Kranky-ite Honey Owens (aka Valet), and has previously hooked up with the likes of Devendra Banhart, Jackie O Motherfucker and Dirty Projectors. Certainly, Forkner has all the right new age credentials, but it's worth pointing out that White Rainbow benefits from a rare skill with sonic manipulation, meaning that at no point do these sonic drifts turn into pointless, slacker dirges. Take for example the wonderfully dense 'Warm Clicked Fruit': its depth of texture is worthy of the Fullerton Whitman oeuvre, and whistles by all too quickly in a brisk nine minutes. Proving there's far more going on here than mere drone, 'For Terry' makes nods toward Terry Riley's transcendental modal minimalism while 'Pulses' sets into an alien percussive stride with acidic lead guitar passages getting well and truly mangled by banks of unearthly effects. Awesome.

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