Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Post

Yea, it's been a while.  Been busy with life and listening to tunes.  This page took a considerable back seat.   I check back here and there.  I've reup'd some stuff for some people and am working on a couple other requests.   So, chances are, most of the links here are dead.  Thanks rapidshare and mediafire.

I'd like to occasionally post some stuff here, time willing.  But I'm not sure flac is as easy for me, now.  I'm thinking of just throwing 320 mp3s up here, and if there are any requests for higher...  then cool.

By far my most popular post (and continues to be a hot search item) is Reich's Music for 18 Musicians.  I have picked up a few more different copies of the piece.  I intend to up those in the coming weeks to get the ball rolling again(?)!!

Whatever.  Music I've been digging lately:

  1. just heard the latest Moodyman, fantastic!!!
  2. snagged the new/old Biosphere Patashnik 2.  sounded great, but i'm eager to throw them on the headphones.
  3. heard a song by The Blow that sounded great
  4. i've been itching to immerse myself more in James Blake's record from last year.  "Retrograde" has been in my head.
  5. i need to grab all my Phonophani cds from my storage unit, so i can throw them on my ipod.  because, even though i haven't been listening to them, i've been thinking about them.  cuz they are gooooooood.
  6. is the shit.  imo, start with "The Watchmaker"  saw these guys play ten or so years ago. hi-quality.

that's all i have at this point.  leave a comment about your favorite foods.


  1. Those dam filehosts. Putlocker is now Firedrive and looks like they have stopped guest uploading.
    Thanks again taco for getting those volume CDs sorted. I have them backed up on a DVD-R this time round :D

  2. Love it if you could re-up White Rainbow's Prism (flac?), and of course if you have the White Rainbow Box.... ;-)


    1. Yea, I can do that. I can up the Prism Flac, and the Box, but I don't have it in flac. I have some other of his stuff, including a live show I recorded in Seattle. Thanks for checking in!

  3. Just found your website. Amazing resource for finding great artists who are new to me. Thanks.

    Also: mutton curry