Saturday, March 16, 2013

Arovane - Lilies

Arovane - Lilies (City Centre Offices, TowerblockCD020, 2004) (FLAC)
01 Ten Hours
02 Windy Wish Trees
03 Passage To Nagoya
04 Cry Osaka Cry
05 Pink Lilies (Vocals by Kazumi)
06 Lilies
07 Tokyo Ghost Stories
08 Instant Gods Out Of The Box
09 Good Bye Forever

I don't even know where to begin on this album.  It is so, so gorgeous.  It might make my Top Ten Favorite Albums Ever List.  The numerous times I've played this is very high.  It's up there with Gel-Sol's Iz.     I do think it is a bit short, or maybe that I want it to keep playing.  But, I think it is about 35 minutes long.   The other thing is, he hasn't put out anything since.  And that was killing me, why hasn't this guy done more stuff?!?!?!?  But literally last week, I read that he's got some new sounds, and a new soundcloud site.  I haven't had the time to fully hear that, but am looking forward to finals being over next week, so I can dig in.  Highest Recommendations from me on this cd.

Check it:  pt1 pt2




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  2. see Discogs regarding the return of Arovane...Cycliph EP Remaster, more to follow?

    1. Thanks for that information!! I just now bought that EP, and new album later in the year!??!? I'm ecstatic!!!