Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spacetime Continuum - Double Fine Zone

Spacetime Continuum - Double Fine Zone (Astralwerks, ASW 6238-2, 1999) (320)
01 The Ring
02 Microjam
03 Freezone
04 Biscuit Face
05 Beveled Edge
06 Compound
07 Spin Out
08 One At A Day
09 Manaka
10 Different Band
11 Further Down The Road

I'll admit to not really getting this album for the first few years.  I just didn't get jazz at that time.  But I warmed up to it slowly.  Eventually taking a class about it, which was phenomenal.  And my tastes have evolved to really liking this cd.  It's different, but not.  I wasn't alone, not everybody "got" it, as you can find this in the used cd bins.  Which is really too bad.  Just typing this is making me want to listen to it again, which I'm going to do right now.

Here's a great discogs review:
A truly talented artist with some great solo and collaboration albums: Alien Dreamtime (with Terrance McKenna), Sea Biscuit, Emit Ecaps , Alien Community I & II (Pete Namlook) Quiet Logic (Mixmaster Morris), Electro Harmonix (Tetsu Inoue), Instant Replay(Tetsu Inoue), Reagenz (Move D), Visitation (Bill Laswill)... Many great and varied albums across ambient and music. A artist that can truly dabble with abstract, electro, ambient, techno, tech-house, deep house, jazz and more; but always delights with his styles and fusions.
A excellent and very underrated album, esp as this is music that may take a few listens to really appreciate the beauty within. Took me a couple listens to really absorb the pure quality of music this album really holds. Has all the classic sounds that makes Spacetime Continuum music such a enlightening joy: Sparkling bubbling ambient, tingling Detroit techno(tech-house), mellow bass and breezy rhythms - which is now all crafted and fused together with plenty of real live jazz. Though more jazzed influenced then previous excellent STC releases, it still has all the hi-tech sounds what makes SPC music such a delight and joy to listen and keep coming back too...J.Sharp's uses his ability and skill fusing modern ambient-techno with his excellent jazz & saxphone abilities - giving the music a nice twist to its futuristic technology music thanks to its real jazz edge. Throughout the album the music remains bubbly, mellow, joyful, that also somehow create a summer like feel thanks to its lush flowing rhythms and bouncy beats, with the occasional oceanic ambient, while the jazz adds a nice breezy freestyle flow adding a live feeling to the electronics. This is the sort of music you can put on, play, and then be washed away with good feelings thanks to its tranquil and uplifting sound, and a great album that will continue to grow and delight with each new listen.

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