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Spacetime Continuum - Remit Recaps

Spacetime Continuum - Remit Recaps (Astralwerks, ASW 6190, 1996) (FLAC)
01 Simm City (O.S.T. Mix)
02 Kairo (Carl Craig Mix)
03 Iform (Velocette Mix)
04 Twister (Move D Mix)
05 Vertigo (The Ghanima Edit by Kobat)
06 Movement #2 (Herbert Mix #1)
07 Swing Fantasy (Spacetime Continuum Mix)
08 Funkyar (Higher Intelligence Agency Mix)
09 Kairo (Absolute Black Mix by Subtropic)
10 Pod (Feat. Jamie Hodge) (The 4 Quarters Mix)
11 String Of Pearls (Autechre Mix)

This release is a Compilation of remixes based on the Tracks from the Album "Emit Ecaps", therefore the Title used for the release is "rEMIT rECAPS".

I honestly haven't listened to this in years.  But i'm checking it out tonight.  Got my headphones bumping!  Herbert's mix is house-solid at the moment.

Track breakdown, for me, right now, after three glasses of wine, with no caps:
01: kinda fsol-ish (big compliment), but short.
02: good intro, beats come in which sound good, then the beats get a bit repetitive, would work in a club though.  this track in my headphones tonight, not as much.  carl craig is still a master dj.
03: a solid remix, housey, but some cool sounds, bit of a menacing bass line.
04: interesting interpretation, not sure it entirely works for me compared to the original... but it still had some good sounds.
05: very solid remix.  keeps with the playful keyboard stabs, and skittering beats.  nice.
06: herbert does house very well.  same with this remix.  it does take you away. as does most of his stuff.  i like it a lot.
07: speeds up the vibe a bit (per memory).  more "space-y", but it works.
08: i adore hia.  this remix is very very very good.  i forgot how wonderful this is, for me.
09: wow, i forgot about this one, as well.  nice and to the point. maintains the original's vibe, but more dnb esthetic.
10: i don't remember this from previous listens, pretty minimal, jazzy, i dig it, nice contrasts with beats and strings.  short.  would have preferred 3 minutes more of this (taken away from c.craig's mix)
11: the.autechre.remix... how do you judge the autechre? they are in their own realm. can we really undertand it?  i remember when i bought this, that this last song was a major draw, however i know i didn't listen to this that much, cuz it is a remix album.  remix albums aren't necessarily a cohesive listen from front to back.   you glean the gold.  i think this track works, although i've read elsewhere it doesn't.  i don't particularly care.  it sounds good.

here's a few other diverse reviews, and i'm ready to publish:
When it comes to remix albums Remit Recaps rates as one of the finest examples of what happens when the master tapes are handed over to the Higher Intelligence Agency, Carl Craig, and Subtropic. Released in its original form Emit Ecaps, by Spacetime Continuum (Jonah Sharp), he handed it over to his contemporaries for remixing. Listen as Autechre reangles "String of Pearls," taking it even further than the original. Just one more reason why this is a must-have CD for anyone looking to fill up on the good stuff. --Paul Clark
This remix album blows most other remix albums out of the water. Jonah Sharp's music, phenomenal on it's own, is finessed beyond imagining. The Subtropic remix of Kairo remains one of my all time favorite tracks years after first hearing it. I highly recommend this album to fans of Spacetime, or any of the remix artists. It will not disappoint!
Most of these remixes have been completely reworked, most of them don't even sound like the same songs, either way they remain great tracks. Autechre's String Of Pearls mix took a turn for the worse, but Velocette's Iform mix sounds really cool. If you liked Emit Ecaps, you will like this too.
In which some of the biggest names in dance-based electronic music -- both experimental and straightahead -- are given the midi files to Spacetime's Emit Ecaps and entreated to go nuts. Remixers include Carl Craig, Autechre, Higher Intelligence Agency, Subtropic, Matthew Herbert, David Moufang (as Move D), and Spacetime's own Jonah Sharp. The stealers are up for grabs, but the spicier cuts include Subtropic's jungled-up take on "Kairo," and Herbert's deep house fry of "Movement #2," and HIA's dense electro mix of "Funkyar." Also released on Reflective as two separate 12-inches.  

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